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By visiting aquariuseven.com or by using material from these web pages, you accept the following terms. Please notice that it is not allowed you use aquariuseven.com, if you do not accept the following terms.

1. Intellectual Property.

Content of these web pages constitutes intellectual property of aquariuseven.com, retaining all rights that is are not mentioned here. All intellectual property presented belongs to aquariuseven.com or to third parties that may legally concern. Acquiring access in this Network Place you agree that you accept the above intellectual property laws.

2. Privacy Notice

aquariuseven.com, being committed to apply the rights of protecting personal data that are forecasted by the International and European Law, regulating subjects regarding electronic trade (Directive 2000/31/EK, P.D. 131/2003) as well as from the Law regarding consumer protection (L. 2251/1994), that handles subjects regarding sales from a distance and the relative provisions of Greek Law (L. 2472/1997) for the protection of individual and the protection of personal data as it has been supplemented with the decisions of the Chairman of Committee for Protecting Personal Data, ( P.D. 207/1998, 79/2000), article 8, L. 2819/2000 and the European right with the directives 95/46/EK and 97/66/EK, declares explicitly that it will not proceed in any illegal use of your personal data and the information that you submit and that in no way will reveal, publish, sell, rent or exchange it to any third part. Your subscription data cannot be given to anyone and can only be used to personalize your transaction with aquariuseven.com. By submitting your data in our server, you agree that it does not contain elements that are false, illegal or inappropriate by all means for use and publication.

3. Valid Legislation.

All transactions that made with aquariuseven.com are protected by the International and European right that regulates subjects regarding electronic trade (Directive 2000/31/EK, P.D. 131/2003) as well as by the Law for the protection of consumers (L. 2251/1994), that regulates subjects regarding sales from a distance.

4. Third Party web pages

In order to enhance your access in these web pages, aquariuseven.com can include connections with web pages, that belong to a third party or that are managed by a third party that is responsible for their own content.

5. Restriction of Responsibility

aquariuseven.com has done all appropriate actions to present all products in a very detailed way, by using photographs, descriptions and more special comments. However, it is possible that the web site might contain errors. ( including description errors, numbering and presentation errors). aquariuseven.com cannot guarantee the precision or completion of the products presented and their descriptions, or the reliability of each advice, opinion, statement or other information that is reported or is sold in the present network place.

6. Modification of present terms

aquariuseven.com maintains the right to modify or to renew the terms and conditions of transactions and it undertakes the obligation to inform the present text on any change or addition in the terms.

7. Property - Commercial Signals

The content of this network place and the logo aquariuseven.com, is property of the legal person Nikolaos Koutakos . The name of the products or companies that are reported in the present web site are commercial signs or commercial names of their corresponding holders. Anyone accessing the present web page should not consider in any way that he/ she is granted to use any symbols, logos, pictures or descriptions that are present in aquariuseven.com, without our previous written consent or the consent of any possible third holder.

8. Prices of Products.

All prices that are presented in our lists include 24% VAT. Prices are valid for quantities that are available in our deposit, while aquariuseven.com has the right to change product prices. For certain regions of Greece for which decreased VAT scales are valid and provided that your order includes a shipping tariff, prices of products might be lower than mentioned at the percentage that the VAT is decreased. For payments via credit cards, the sum of monthly bill can be calculated by dividing the total price of the product with the number of months that you selected, without no moreover interest.